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I want to read interesting articles related to my interests! I am a picture maniac, I need visual input all the time! So feed me!
This community was created to share pictures and links which caught your interests.
Have you seen the most beautiful person - please don't hide her/him!
An article you've read caught your attention - share it!
Let us know about pretty fashion, new accessories, crafty ideas, even a new cookie recipe, enchanting arts, magical songs, a poem, online stores...

Everything an independent girl would love to see.....

Important note:

***If you post more than one picture, please use the lj-cut!

***PLEASE don't post pornography! I am sure you will find another place for some kind like this. I don't want to see it here!

***If you post pictures including nudity, please put them behind the lj-cut and give a short description, so that our young ones can decide if they want to see it.

***Don't post quiz results! Do this in your own journal.
If you think you have to share a special or super-funny quiz, because it is related to our interests, please just post the link to its main site.

***No rudeness! If you wanna fight, do it at home.

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