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feeding your senses!

i haven't posted in here in a while, have i?

here are some links that i think you'd all enjoy.

+ _bullet -- amazing, beautiful photography. as the community info puts it, "a space for teenage superstars to post and interact and share everything." all forms of art are welcome, but it's mostly for photography. as you see, many of the members of this community are extremely talented. aren't they?
+ thefactory -- a place to share personal photography, short stories you've written, artwork you've produced, etc., etc. this community has some of the best poems / short stories / photographs i've come across in a long time. it's one of my all-time favorite communities.
+ theletterchain -- pictures & scans of fabulous letters/gifts/packages that the community members have sent & received. very, very inspiring.
+ storybookland -- the enchanting illustrations of storybooks!
+ visionary_art -- just go check out this community, you will be physically unable to resist joining...
+ zeitghosts -- for those of you who feel like you belong in another era.
+ darkvictoria -- a community emcompassing all of the darker aspects of the victorian era. i just joined it recently, & i have to say, i'm completely in love with it. it's fascinating...
+ rustandstardust -- for fellow fans of nabokov's lolita.

+ hereticalpigeon -- you all need to add her to your friends list, immediately. she posts the most AMAZING things every day; gorgeous antique photographs, links to incredible LJ communities & illustation websites, elegant victorian erotica, works of art by obscure japanese artists & illustrators, storybook pictures, etc., etc. her journal is one of the most beautiful things i've found in a while. go see for yourself!
+ goodbyesunday -- this is my friend nicoletta's photography journal...she just got back from a holiday in europe (paris & london, specifically) & this journal is where she posts all of the enchanting pictures she took with her digital camera during her vacation. every post is public.
+ penny_cokes -- just another one of my newest favorites.

that's all for now...


i found this picture in one of the aforementioned communities, i just really like it.
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