sleeping beauty syndrome (ninjafaerie) wrote in feed_my_senses,
sleeping beauty syndrome

i don't know if writing is appropriate for this community, but i figured it was something to feed the senses, so enjoy. :)


how long did we dance together
crushed in the crowd and stuck between sweat
and marlboro ashes burning out our eyes
running my fingers through you
while you played me to life

how many times did it ring
was my voice cracked when i called
how far away did i sound
when i was really here the whole time?

how long have i been sitting here
with tears in my eyes
letting my voice strain
as i watch you walk out of the room
your name is an echo in my head
the phone is a violin string static dancing on my ears

how many times did you look at the phone
did you ever want to close your eyes
and be brave enough to just push go
when the rain cried on your window, did you think of how i ran?

how long have we been staring
with smiles on our lips like awkward strangers
i'm shaking, nervous, and you hardly speak
there goes the chemistry reacting again
and our past forgets itself like we do
you don't really have to leave
and when you do, don't run away again

you can at least come back to kiss me good-bye
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