il nya pas réalité (fragileintimacy) wrote in feed_my_senses,
il nya pas réalité

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* licks lips *

I can smell you from here
so niave
so precious
I cradle your skull
and I smear your words
across your cracked lips

your innocence so pure
your eyes too trusting
I feel no pain
I feel no guilt

as I crush your throat
between my fingers
and you smile at me
so masochistic
so free

is that your tears falling
or mine
can I come for you
can I taste you
can I take you home with me

I want to lock you inside a box
put you underneith my bed
and take you out when I need to rape you
so I can steal your beauty
use your precious gifts
all for myself

your beauty is so precious
the thought of destroying you
makes me want to come

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